Industrial Automation Products

We are a leading Wholesaler of industrial dc brushless cooling fan, display lcd module, plc automation control panel, ac690 parker industrial ac drive, graphic lcd display and industrial fuses from Pune, India.

Industrial DC Brushless Cooling Fan

500/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
TypeCooling Fan
Number Of Blades7
Power SourceElectric
Frame ShapeSquare

We are the leading supplier of Industrial DC Brushless Cooling FanEverything in industrial requirement with part / Model number.

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

Display LCD Module

500/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Operating Temperature-20 to +70 Deg C
Storage temperature30 to 80 Degree C
View area7.0cm(L) x 4.0cm(W)
Display TypeLCD
Viewing Direction6 0' clock

We are the leading supplier of the Display LCD Module. we obligated to meet the quality standards as per the industry norms.

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

PLC Automation Control Panel

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6500/Piece Get Latest Price

Display TypeDigital
PhaseThree Phase
IP RatingIP55
Power24 V DC
Input Voltage380 V
Current (Amps)Upto 100 AMP
Frequency50/60 Hz

A programmable logic controller (PLC) or programmable controller is an industrial digital computer which has been ruggedized and adapted for the control of manufacturing processes, such as assembly lines, or robotic devices, or any activity that requires high reliability, ease of programming.

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

AC690 Parker Industrial AC Drive

12000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Model Name/NumberAC690 Series
Motor PowerUpto 1500 HP
Input VoltageUpto 500 V
Input Phase3 - Phase
Input Frequency50/60 Hz
Compatible Feedback DeviceIncremental Encoder
Modes Of ControlV/Hz, Sensorless Vector, Closed Loop Vector
Operating AltitudeUp to 1000m ASL (derate > 1000m)
Compatible Motor TypeInduction, Spindle

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

We specialize in providing AC690 Parker Industrial AC Drive, which find application in designing, testing and installation of low voltage AC frequency drives. These drives are provided with separate control programs inbuilt for various industry applications, which include pump and fan control solution, textile spinning control solution and crane control solution. Our range of industrial AC drives can also be integrated into IT systems and programmed according to the client's requirements. We also hold expertise in offering two types of drives, which can be used for a vast range of powers, voltage and for industrial voltage up to 690 volt.

Graphic LCD Display

500/Piece Get Latest Price

Dots Matrix128x64 Dots
Display TypeLCD
Operating Current18 mA
Operating Voltage5 V
Power Supply for Logic3.3 V
Operating Temperature-20 to 60 Degree C

Everything In Industrial Requirement With Part/model Number.

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

Industrial Fuses

1200/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Voltage400 V DC, 690 V AC
Current Rating630 A
Body Diameter74 mm
Fuse SizeC2
Overall Length210 mm
Fixing Centres133 mm
Tag Width25.4 mm
Body Length77.5 cm
Fuse Dimensions74 Dia. x 77.5 mm

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Owing to immense knowledge, we are offering a precision-engineered assortment of Industrial Fuses. Our offered product is designed at state-of-art production unit.

IGBT, IPM, GTR, Power Modules, Thyristors-scr, Ac-dc Converter,
Dc-dc Converter, Rf Transistors, Mil-grade, Hard-to-find, Integrated Circuits,
Motherboard Bga, Opto-couplers, Mosfets, Transistors, Microprocessors, Displays, Memories Plc, Servo Drives, Automation Instrument, Industrial Equipment.....

  • AD22100AR, DAC87CBIV, M7250, SC603IMLTR, DAC87EX, M72CSP128, SC6121001, DAC87HCBIV, M72DW6400OB70Z, SC6200AD22100ARZ, DAC8800BR, M7405N, SC63610L116AD22100ARZR7, DAC8800F, M74180N, SC63700L101AD22100ARZRL, DAC8800FP, M74AC86W, SC63700LD101AD22100AT, DAC8800FPZ, M74C926N, SC64017LAD22100ATZ, DAC8800FS, M74HC00BI, SC64017LHAD22100KCHIPS, M74HC014P, SC64022AD22100KR, DAC8800FSZ, M74HC03B1, SC6600L2224G, M74HC03F, SC6601CAD22100KRZ, DAC8800P, M74HC03P, SC67476P, DAC8840F, M74HC125B1, SC6802AAD22100KT, DAC8840FP, M74HC125B1R, SC694AD22100KTZ, DAC8840FPZ, M74HC132B1, SC695AD22100SR, DAC8840FS, M74HC133B1R, SC696, M74HC14P, SC701AD22100SRZ, DAC8840FSZ, M74HC15731, SC702, M74HC157B1, SC70C100AD22100ST, DAC8841, M74HC2441FP31A, SC70C120AD22100STZ, DAC8841FP, M74HC244B1, SC70C60AD22103KR, DAC8841FPZ, M74HC244B1R, SC70C80, DAC8841FS, M74HC245T, SC74FT001B004AD22103KRZ, M74HC253B1, SC74GT001JR03AD22103KRZR7, DAC8841FSZ, M74HC253B1R, SC77209GHAD22103KT, M74HC30B1, SC7751SAD22103KTZ, DAC8841FW, M74HC32B1, SC77655SPAD22105AR, DAC888FX, M74HC373N, SC7800CVH14, DAC88BIEX, M74HC374B, SC79701VH, DAC88EX, M74HC377B1R, SC79783AD22105ARZ, DAC88XE, M74HC4002BI, SC80566FN, DAC89, M74HC4072M1R, SC80981S, DAC89002X, M74HC4075, SC80C31BCGN40AD22151YR, DAC89EX, M74HC4075R, SC80C451CCA68, DAC904E, M74HC4514B1, SC80C451CGA68AD22151YRZ, DAC90BG, M74HC595B1, SC80C51BCCA44AD22151YRZRL, DAC90SG, M74HC595BI, SC82675BC8N40AD22201, DAC9331164, M74HC7266B1, SC84005CVAD22201MH, DAC9331165, M74HC920J3, SC84036CVAD22201SH, DAC9331166, M74HCS9SAD, SC8450AAD22220S, DAC9337164, M74HCT00B1, SC8470AAD22226S, DAC934912, M74HCT00B1R, SC85097PAD22227S, DAC935612, M74HCT14B1, SC850SRZT40BAD2222B3, DAC9377164, M74HCT157BI, SC8622AD22235SI, DAC9377165, M74HCT374AN, SC8751AD22237B23, DAC9377166, M74HCT7007M1R, SC87C451AD22237SI, DACHF12BMC, M74LS00P, SC87C451CCA68AD22264AEI, DACHF8DMC, M74LS192P, SC87C451CCG68AD22273S, DACHK12BGC, M74LS22P, SC87C451CGA68AD22279A, DACHK12BGC2, M74LS243P, SC87C51CCF40AD22279AR2, DACHK12BMM2, M74LS244P, SC87C51CCN40AD22280, DACHP16BGC, M74LS353P, SC9C5504B5AD22280R2, DACHP16BMC, M74LS368AP, SCA200AA160AD22281, DACHP16DGC, M74LS37P, ScaleHVIdriverAD22281R2, DACHZ12BGC, M74LS42P, SCAN18373TSSCAD22282A, DACHZ12BMC, M74LS48P, SCANPSC100FDMQBAD22282AR2, DACHZ12DGC, M74LS86P, SCANPSC110FDMQBAD22283B, DACHZ12DMC, M74S04N, SCB2673AD22283BR2, DACUP8BC, M74VHC1G132DFT1G, SCB2673BAD22284A, DadraandNagarHaveli, M7508B, SCB2673BC8N40AD22284AR2, DAISY, M75188P, SCB2675BAD22285, DAL10BX, M7611AP, SCB2675BCAD22285R2, DALC208SC6, M761EB1, SCB2675BC5N40AD22286, DALCO, M7805, SCB2675BC8N40EAD22286R2, DALLAS, M78M15, SCB2675CC5I40AD224ARS, DALLSIC, M7904L, SCB2675CC5N40AD230JN, DAM15P, M7928, SCB68154C2N40AD232J, DAMAM15S, M7csp32, SCB68155CAN40AD232JN, DamanandDiu, M7CSP32, SCB68172C2N28AD232JR, DAMY3W3PK87, M7CSP32216Q7CFBGA13, SCB68175AD232LJR, DAN201, M7H005025, SCB68175C2N24AD233JN, DAN202K, M8010L, SCB68430AD234JN, DAN202UT106, M80C154S, SCB68430C1A48AD234L, DAN212K, M80C31FAD236AN, DAN217, M80C31K, SCC100DAD236JN, DAN222TL, M80C85A2, SCC100F11TAD238JN, DAN401, M80C85A5, SCC100F14AD239JN, DAN403, M80C862, SCC100F18AD241JR, DAN801, M80C86A10, SCC100F2AD245, DAP015AD, M80C86A10M82, SCC100F3AD246JN, DAP017AH, M80C86A2, SCC100F4AD2590AP

Photoelectric Sensor

500/Piece Get Latest Price

Max DC Voltage30 V
IP RatingIP67
Light SourceLaser Light
Detection Range0.2-10 m
Max Current200 mA
Operating Temperature-10 Deg C +60 Deg C
Model NumberO1D100
Housing MaterialDie Cast Zinc

IPhotoelectric Sensor:

  • IFM
  • SICK
  • Baumer
  • Banner
  • Fargo Controls

Everything Supply In Industrial Requirement With Part/model Number.

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

HMI Touch Panel

10000/Piece Get Latest Price

A human machine interface (HMI) is a platform which permits interaction between users and automation equipment. Delta's HMI products provide various communication ports for fast communication and convenient control of a diverse range of machines, systems and facilities.

Mitsubishi Servo AC Motors

5000/Piece Get Latest Price

Voltage400V AC
Phase3 Phase
Speed44Nm x 3000RPM
Inertia230 kgcm2
Size4 - 185mm Square x 583mm Long body including the resolver, force cooling fan and excluding
Shaft32mm dia x 58mm long with 10mm wide keyway
Weight45.5 kg
Flange Mount14mm dia holes at 215mm pcd with 180mm dia spigot

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

AC Servo Motor

5000/Piece Get Latest Price

Model Name/Numbercall

AC servo motors are mostly used in industrial fields. AC servo motors are AC motors that rely on encoders. These types of servo motors work through controllers providing feedback and closed-loop control. They are known to function at a high accuracy and are easily controllable.

Mitsubishi HMI

10000/Piece Get Latest Price

The GOT sets global standards in design and technology A wide variety of lineup meets the needs of production sites. The GOT boasts advanced functionality, acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, all while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Brushless Fan

1900/Piece Get Latest Price

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

A brushless DC fan uses brushless DC motors (BLDC motor) that have a cross pattern arrangement of four permanent magnets mounted on the sides of the rotor. Unlike brushed DC motors, BLDC motors do not require any commutator or brushes to operate.

HMI Human Machine Interface

10000/Piece Get Latest Price

PhaseThree phase
Frequency50/60 Hz
Voltage440 V
Body MaterialMild Steel
Power SourceElectric

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

Human Machine Interface, HMI Plc, Servo Drives, Automation Instrument, Industrial Equipment.

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

Industrial Automation Systems

2500/Piece Get Latest Price

Automation GradeAutomatic
Phase3 Phase
Voltage440 V
Housing MaterialMild Steel
Power SourceElectric

Dhwaj International Igbt, ipm, gtr, power modules, thyristors, scr, ac-dc converter, encoder Dc-dc converter, rf transistors, mil-grade, hard-to-find, integrated circuits, Motherboard bga, opto-couplers, mosfets, transistors, microprocessors, lcd displays, memories Diodes, contactor, relay, transducer, fuse, photodiode, brushless fan, touch screen Hmi, mil-grade, hard-to-find, bga, sensors, ics Plc, servo drives, automation instrument, industrial equipment. . . . . Smartscan,  hanyoung,  autonics, pilz, pepperl+fuchs, idec, meanwell, tdk, selec, bth, menics, fluke, raytek, delcon, finder, leuze kubler, panasonic,  sunx, daito, banner, turck, koyo, abb, omron, schneider, seimens, wenglor, electric switches, orbital, abb, ab, phoenix, delta, mitshubishi, omron, datalogic, baumer, kinco, weco, electronic switches, daiwa dengyo, schmershal. Yokogawa, wika, weilmuler, lapp, polycab, fotek, carlo gavazzi, sick, lenze, danfoss, sew, bonfingloli, fuji, yashkawa, htc, megger, selec, oriental motor, honeywell, bussmann, gefran, keyence, meco, everything in industrial requirement with part/model number.

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

CNC Machine Component

500/Piece Get Latest Price

MaterialStainless Steel
Packaging TypeBox
Material GradeSS304

We offer a wide range of optimum quality CNC Machined Component. Manufactured from stainless steel and other basic materials, the offered components are appreciated for their sturdy construction, easy installation and accurate dimension. By using latest technology, our technicians manufacture these components as per the industry set norms.

Smartscan,  Hanyoung,  Autonics, Pilz, Pepperl+fuchs, Idec, Meanwell, Tdk, Selec, Bth, Menics, Fluke, Raytek, Delcon, Finder, Leuze Kuebler, Panasonic,  Sunx, Daito, Banner, Turck, Koyo, Abb, Omron, Schneider, Seimens, Wenglor,  Orbital, Abb, Ab, Phoenix, Delta, Mitshubishi, Omron, Datalogic, Baumer, Kinco, Weco, Electronic Switches, Daiwa Dengyo, Schmershal. Yokogawa, Wika, Weildmuler, Lapp, Polycab, Fotek, Carlo Gavazzi, Sick, Lenze, Danfoss, Sew, Bonfingloli, Fuji, Yashkawa, Htc, Megger, Selec, Oriental Motor, Honeywell, Bussmann, Gefran, Keyence, Meco,  Webcon, Truck Balluff Wenglor Wago Norgren Festo Raychem  Semikron Datasensor Sudhir Danfoss Gems Camozzi Banner Ifm Indfoss Finesuntronix Smc Contrinex Aira Vega L&t Anly  Etc...

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

Delta AC Servo Drives

25000/Piece Get Latest Price


Delta servo system is an omnibearing integrated servo system which is based on Delta's strength in industrial and electronic technology and developed for different customers' requirements of various application machine tools.

Fuji AC Drives

10000/Piece Get Latest Price

Fuji Electric delivers VFD Drives and industrial power inverter AC drives that are control motor operations and operating speeds for drive applications.

Electronic Components & Industrial Automation

1000/Piece Get Latest Price


electronic components, industrial automation, medical instrument equipment spares & device, igbt, lcd displays, brushless fan, proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor,
integrated circuits, semiconductors, mosfets, transistors, diodes, relay, thyristors, encoder, current transducer, plc, hmi, servo drive, servo motor, membrane keypad, capacitive touch glass, fibre optic transmitter, opto-couplers, microprocessors, memories,

cnc spares, microcontroller, bridge rectifier, fuse, photodiode, contactor, trimpots, digital multi meter, bga ic, smd ic, dc-dc converter, rf transistors, mil-grade, hard-to-find part
*everything supply in industrial & medical spares with part/model number*

Sensors Transducers

500/Unit Get Latest Price

Transducer TypeSensors Transducers
MaterialStainless Steel
Packaging TypeBox

Everything in industrial requirement with part/model number.

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.

AC Drive

Get Latest Price

Degree of ProtectionIP20/Optional NEMA 1 enclosure
Motor Frequency0 to 599 Hz
Auxiliary Voltage24 V DC +- 10%,max. 200 mA
Motor Power0.37 kW to 45 kW
Input Voltage250 to 800 V
Input Phase3 Phase
Input Frequency48 to 63 Hz

AC Drive, Everything In Industrial Requirement With Part/model Number.

Price Range: Rupee 500 to 10000 Per Piece.


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